Senior Leadership Selection

Senior Leadership Selection

Most organizations conduct initial screenings by evaluating job-related experience, likability interviews and reference checking. That’s where Tim Weitzel & Associates (TW&A) steps in to review the final three or four candidates identified. Dr. Weitzel and his team will engage existing members of the organization as well as each finalist using some combination of the following best practices.

Day-in-the-Life Executive Simulation Assessment

Day-in-the-Life Executive Simulation Assessment is the core of TW&A’s approach. Simulation assessment is widely recognized as the most predictive, statistically reliable and accurate form of executive assessment available and our unique process differentiates us from other organizations in our field. Our findings provide selection committees with the most powerful information about a candidate’s ability to perform critical functions identified in corresponding success portraits.  When used in conjunction with these other TW&A assessments, selection strength is unparalleled. 

To learn more about simulation Assessment, read the following:

Executive Success Model Identification

We move beyond basics and work with you directly to identify key business drivers specific to each organization. Some examples could include fostering an innovative culture, increasing employee engagement, or driving increased market share. Next we target the necessary skills, behaviors, personality factors and aptitudes that each business driver requires, resulting in your organization's individual Executive Success Model.

Personality Assessment

The core tool we use to identify and articulate the personal aspects of performance capability are the Hogan Assessment instruments, the gold standard in personality-based assessment solutions. We examine how a leader will approach the job as well as personality characteristics that could result in derailment. Assessing Personality is an indispensable component, providing insight into how an executive will manage change, execute business strategies, lead people, nurture a positive organizational climate, influence stakeholders, and much more.

Cognitive Testing

TW&A uses the Watson-Glaser and the Raven’s Progressive Matrices (addressing cultural bias) to measure critical thinking ability, a strong predictor of senior leadership job success. These two instruments are the industry’s premier tools for cognitive assessment and measure how executives question, analyze and make decisions under pressure. In short, they help gauge cognitive horsepower.

Behavioral Interviewing

“The most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation.” Moving from mental profiles to work history, Behavioral Interviewing helps us gain insight into past performance and how successfully a candidate has demonstrated the qualities your organization needs. Behavioral Interviewing helps determine if a candidate can confirm their ability to take action and deliver results.

Candidate Reviews

Using a 9-box grid to compare job candidates, we provide the ability to see how the players “stack up” against each other within your Executive Success Model. The 9-box is a data-driven, strategic tool that helps identify leaders who possess the critical skills to achieve business objectives and those with the highest potential to develop quickly.


The final critical element of selection is Onboarding, assuring that executives acquire necessary organizational knowledge, understanding of cultural norms and other key organizational elements to become effective insiders.  Research has demonstrated that these socialization techniques lead to positive outcomes for new employees including higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduction in occupational stress and intent to quit. Onboarding services are provided through a TW&A partner, The Leadership Edge at

Important Note: When the data from each component is integrated and cross-referenced with other assessments, the predictive potential of candidates’ future performance increases exponentially.  This allows us to deliver individual reports that provide the greatest decision making leverage possible. Depending on the assessment’s goals and desired depth of insight, all or some combination of the above components can be used based on discussion between your high-potential identification/development committees and Tim Weitzel & Associates.