Life Coaching for Business Professionals

Life Coaching for Business Professionals

Transformation and Revitalization

As we strive to realize our goals, follow our dreams and achieve our highest potential, today's organizations may seem determined to drag us in the opposite direction, forcing us to operate only on efficiency and results in the marketplace. Feeling dispirited and deadened, our dreams of success seem eroded by the constant pressures of on-the-job expectations.

Dr. Tim Weitzel is keenly aware of the pressures and compromises that can leave you feeling stifled in the workplace. Life Coaching for Business Professionals can help you become a professional who feels empowered and alive once again.

Unlock the Power of the Fundamental You

Has total commitment to your career left you feeling unbalanced?

Would you like to work fewer hours and spend more time doing things that inspire passion, that keep you connected to family, that rock your soul?

Today, even those who put in the hours and climb the corporate ladder recognize the fundamental importance of their strength of character, the personal values they bring to the workplace, and how these affect their professional success and allow for a rich and fulfilling work-life experience.

The Choice Is Yours: Fulfilling Life or Slow Loss of Self?

More and more people today value aliveness and a quality experience of life. They savor enriching life experiences - whether that means going on a retreat, taking time off to read and study, learning to play a new instrument, or traveling to far-flung corners of the planet, or - you fill in the blank: ____________________________.

They recognize that all the technical power we have in our gadgets and productivity-enhancing devices can just as easily enslave us because they demand more and more of our energy, attention, and focus.

Dr. Weitzel can help you learn to cultivate your garden - your inner life, your spirit, and your sense of purpose.

Dr. Weitzel’s Training as Life Coach includes:

  • LIFE
  • Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian Psychology
  • Buddhist meditation and study
  • Brain Science study
  • Process-oriented psychology study
  • The Diamond Heart approach
  • Dream work
  • A passion for learning and an interest in all things involving human growth and development