Consulting Testimonials

Consulting Testimonials
I appreciate the fact that Tim listens to my needs and keeps me informed and involved in the process of developing effective, client-centered solutions, His engagement style is direct and personable. He respects my knowledge and experience, and he knows how to push back when I'm wrong. I never have to second-guess if I am getting the straight scoop from Tim. His solutions are pragmatic, actionable, cost-effective, and customized to meet my needs - just a few of the attributes that make Tim an outstanding resource for his clients. - Tom Oyan, Human eetomence and Safety Manager, PG & E

I was recently in the process of hiring a Chief Operating Officer for my hospital, and I was faced with an "abundance of riches" in terms of the two finalists. Both candidates were extremely well-qualified for the role, and I needed some assistance in discerning who was the best fit for the way I wanted the COO role to function. Through Dr. Weitzel's assistance--both the process in which we engaged together as well as his strong insight into each candidate--I was able to make the right decision given the many criteria in play. I strongly recommend Tim Weitzel's capabilities in helping you leverage selection opportunities for the long-term benefit of your organization or business.

— Douglas Duffield, Chief Executive Officer, San Joaquin Community Hospital

Health care is a particularly demanding enterprise for executives and having access to competent executive coaching is very useful. Having utilized the professional coaching services of Dr. Weitzel, I have found his combined talent for quickly getting to the deeper issues with appropriate candor coupled with his respect and compassion for those to whom he is speaking to be quite valuable. Tim's approachability and accessibility were also very much appreciated.

— Keith Doram, MD, MBA, FACP, Chief Medical Officer, Adventist Health

“Tim has been a good friend and colleague for years, and I have always respected his capacity to bridge the personal and strategic/operational sides of organizations. When we were business partners, I always knew I could rely on him for penetrating insight into the many complex challenges we encountered and trust his equally astute and disciplined execution of our proposed solutions. His transparent and direct communication style, his politically sensitive approach, and his deep understanding of organizations combine to make him a valuable asset to any organization with whom he works.”

— David Surrenda, PhD. CEO of Kripalu

Dr. Weitzel's extraordinary ability to zero in on core issues and then design/execute original and productive change initiatives has been enormously helpful on two specific occasions at Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services (NVHADS). First, the Board of Directors recently faced a very divisive decision with a great deal at stake for many people, both employees at NVHADS and the greater Napa County community. With Dr. Weitzel's assistance we were able to design a process by which the Board of Directors worked collaboratively to decide in favor of an approach that supported employees and the community as well as helped us clarify our overall strategy for growing into the future. Second, our organization had recently been through a very intense period of change, and employee morale of one of our divisions was quite low. A deep divide had grown between the leadership and our critical patient care teams, and I knew that a focused intervention was essential to get things back on track. I invited Dr. Weitzel to design an employee engage initiative that would rebuild trust and re-engage the team to achieve, ideally, even greater levels of committed performance. Through keen assessment of the situation and the creation of a client-centered solution, Tim designed and implemented a change process that helped us recognize the need for a re-invented cultural strategy, and he supported us in identifying some of the key internal initiatives that would move us in that direction. His skill and sensitivity in helping us identify and pull the right levers in both situations continues to bear fruit, and I am deeply grateful that I invited him to participate. He definitely gets results”

— Linda Gibson, President & CEO, Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services

“Tim's facilitation services came at just the right time for our non-profit organization. He helped us through a pivotal change in our board governance structure with such skill and compassion that we all held a new level of camaraderie and understanding for each other and a clearer sense of direction for our organization. We were lucky to find him.”

— Hilary Garivaltis, President, National Ayurvedic Medical Association

When I was first approached about working with Dr. Weitzel as a coach, I was a little skeptical. At that time I was struggling with communication with a colleague. I am happy to say that after some coaching sessions with Tim, the situation has resolved and this colleague and I are now very well aligned and supportive of each other. We now have regular meetings that are actually enjoyable. As a result of this work, I asked Dr. Weitzel to work with my team, Chief Nursing Officers of the seventeen hospitals in our system, and me in helping to create a more strategically aligned nursing organization. Historically, the organization was siloed, with each hospital functioning as an independent unit. I needed to engage my team in articulating a vision and in creating a strategy for building bridges across the hospitals to enable better alignment. Tim and I collaborated on designing a change management/engagement strategy that has helped us move toward our desired outcomes. I know Dr. Weitzel to be a professional who takes a personal interest in the success of his clients.

— Gloria Bancarz, Chief Nursing Officer, Adventist Health

Tim brings both expertise and compassion to his facilitation work. During a time of significant change, Tim conducted meetings that enabled opinions and feelings to be honestly expressed in a professional, respectful, open manner. His work with our Hospice staff engendered deeper trust in leadership and set the tone for a new beginning. I would highly recommend Tim to any organization undergoing change or experiencing conflict.

As a new leader entering an established agency, I highly valued Tim's work with me to help me better understand my own skills and better hear the voices of my staff. Tim helped me strategize around best approaches and more effective ways to communicate and involve staff in decisions affecting their work. I recommend Tim to anyone interested in strengthening their leadership skills in a way that mutually benefits both leader and those being led.

— Susan Crandall, Hospice Program Director, Napa Valley Hospice.