About Us

About Us
  • Tim Weitzel, Ph.D.
  • David Weckler, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Francine MacInnis
  • David Surrenda, Ph.D.

Tim Weitzel, Ph.D.


Dr. Tim WeitzelDr. Tim Weitzel improves his clients’ ability select the best executive candidates as well as to ensure that their executive teams achieve operational and strategic excellence. His Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment approach–used in conjunction with powerful personality and cognitive assessments–picks up where traditional candidate screening leaves off. He moves beyond the basics of job/experience matching, likeability interviewing and reference checking, to identify key business drivers specific to an organization. He then translates those drivers into the skills, behaviors, personality factors and aptitudes that are critical for the organization’s long-term success. This in-depth analysis generates a strategic Executive Success Profile unique to the vision, mission and culture of each organization.

Delivering results for clients

Executive Talent Assessment, Selection and High-Potential Development: Dr. Weitzel has extensive experience in multiple forms of assessment. He facilitates Day-in-the-Life Simulation Assessment along with a variety of other best practices such as 360, psychometrics, behavioral event interviewing and more to create highly accurate executive profiles. Tim works with clients to leverage these executive success profiles for selection, targeted development and high potential identification and development. In this capacity he has worked with Walmart, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, and many other multinational organizations.

Executive Coaching: Dr. Weitzel works with numerous clients to assess and provide executive coaching to leaders across mid to senior levels of management around general management and strategic leadership, emotional and social competence, leadership styles, and organizational climate. He leverages assessment data and personal insight to help leaders become more well-rounded and successful. Executive coaching experience includes companies such as Raytheon, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, Marriott, Adventist Health, Pacific Gas & Electric, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, and more.

Leadership Development Program Design and Facilitation: Tim’s early career centered on the design, deployment and delivery of practical leadership and individual contributor educational programs. He partnered with internal staff to develop the most popular and successful leadership development program to date for a company of 30,000+ employees. After 17 years, the program is still going strong as a core component of their internal management development curriculum. Additionally, he has partnered with clients to establish tailored, best-in-class, and multifaceted leadership programs targeted to achieve long-term business strategies. Clients in this arena include Schneider National, Fiserv, John Deere Credit and more.

Areas of expertise

Dr. Weitzel has spent his entire 30 year career in Leadership Development, Assessment, Coaching and Organization Development. He began Tim Weitzel & Associates in 1992, and it has intentionally grown through several variations of itself. It began as a one person shop and grew to a small organization of 10 consultants, trainers and staff. Now, in its present form, it is an LLC with multiple highly trained and experienced consultants, coaches and assessors as contract partners. Tim also spent eight years as a contract Senior Assessor and Executive Coach for Development Dimensions International. Very early in his career he worked for Dale Carnegie & Associates as well as Ridge Associates.

Education and Affiliations

Dr. Weitzel graduated with his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Organizational Psychology, a M.Ed. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Organization Development, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Marketing also from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Tim is a member of the Neuro-Leadership Institute. He has enjoyed active membership in ASTD, Organization Development Network, the Bay Area Badgers Entrepreneurial Network, and the Bay Area HR Breakfast Club. He enjoys volunteer work for Hospice organizations and crisis intervention programs for youth.

David Weckler, Ph.D.

David Weckler, Ph.D. Dr. David Weckler began his consulting career during graduate school, when he co-founded the multi-disciplinary consulting group Nexus and helped Stanford University design and implement its first distributed computing network. During that period, he also consulted for Xerox Corporation’s fabled Palo Alto Research Center, helping them determine how better to commercialize their own inventions. Not long after that, David was part of a project to understand the role of leadership and internal organization on innovation in technology companies, participating in research at Hewlett Packard, Fairchild Semi-Conductor, and Westinghouse. It was during this time that Dr. Weckler first was introduced to assessment center (day-in-the-life simulation) methods, working on the seminal Managerial Progress Study with Dr. Douglas Bray, the original adapter of the assessment center methodology to business, and Dr. Ann Howard at AT&T. David worked for Development Dimension International (DDI), the firm Dr. Bray co-founded, during several different periods, including in their change management and executive assessment practices. In his multi-faceted career, David has continued to refine the role of leadership, organization design, and employee engagement in responding effectively to market and technological opportunities. As associate professor at San Jose State University, he restarted the undergraduate program in management psychology and founded the graduate program in organization development. He worked in the energy industry during the period of restructuring of public utilities. He is the author or co-author of articles on leadership and empowerment in organizations, and a book on organization design. David holds degrees from UC Berkeley, and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Graduate School of Business. Throughout his career, David has also acted on his interest in community development, for example, working to produce constructive dialogue and problem solving in conflicts between local commercial food production operations and proponents of wilderness protection.

Dr. Weckler has consulted for organizations such as Stanford University Center for Information Technology, Hewlett Packard, National Semi-Conductor, Westinghouse, AT&T, Xerox, Intel, Allstate, PG&E, Federal Judicial Council, West Marin Community Conversations, NUMMI, General Motors, Toyota, Heald Business College, Environmental Forum of Marin, Presidio Hill School, Stanford University Medical Center.

Dr. Francine MacInnis

Dr. Francine MacInnisDr. Francine MacInnis is a licensed clinical and organizational psychologist. She completed her doctoral studies at Western University in a field that is now known as Positive Psychology, the study of what distinguishes people who are “well.”  Her research contributed to burgeoning evidence of positive bias in psychologically well populations.

After residency at the Ottawa General Hospital, Dr. MacInnis took a role with the Federal Government (Human Resources Development Canada) in a federal wellness program providing counseling to employees, coaching to managers, psychoeducation, conflict resolution and pulse of the organization services. This is what stimulated her to specialize in leadership and obtain her licence in organizational psychology which she completed in Ottawa with the public service commission developing and delivering simulation-based leadership simulations and feedback for advancement into executive roles.

Since that time, Dr. MacInnis has worked in leadership for more than 25 years including for the federal government and as a senior consultant for several national and global leadership consulting firms including DDI, Right Management, and Kilberry Leadership Advisors. Dr. MacInnis has provided services in designing and delivery of assessments and assessment programs for selection, promotion, development and succession. She has extensive experience delivering (simulation, psychometrics, 360, interview-based) leadership assessments providing feedback, development support and coaching.

Dr. MacInnis also works more broadly in organizational development. She has held internal and external roles providing consulting support in areas such as employee engagement, performance management, change management, succession, leadership development, mentorship, climate assessment, managing conflict and mediation and more recently (5 years) in diversity, equity and inclusion. Her most recent focus has been to develop an Organizational Mental Health and Wellness Strategic Framework to support post-pandemic recovery and improved mental health (and thriving) enablement to employees and leaders in organizations.

As a complement to her organizational work, Dr. MacInnis provides one-to-one clinical and coaching services. Clinically, she adopts a cognitive-behavioural, positive psychology and mindfulness approach to help restore her clients to health and beyond toward emotional thriving. She incorporates this philosophy in her coaching approach with high potentials, leaders and executives to support them in not only being more effective in their roles but promoting their own satisfaction and wellbeing and that of their reports and organizations in the process.

Dr. MacInnis has experience in a breadth of industries and types of organizations including federal government, crown corporations, municipal government, start-ups, public and private organizations. She has worked in industries such as engineering, media, mining, retail, manufacturing, natural energy, tourism, entertainment, forestry, and aerospace.

David Surrenda, Ph.D.

Dr. David SurrendaDr. David Surrenda, a licensed psychologist, is the Director of The Leadership Edge, a group specializing in the challenges of executive leadership. Dr. Surrenda developed The Leadership Edge to assist leaders to manage the process of organizational change and to insure that change efforts really succeed. He has conducted executive level organizational consultation with business, government, education and health systems for thirty years. His creative change strategies generate sustainable solutions for the complex challenges facing organizations in times of turbulence. Dr. Surrenda has consulted in over 200 national and international organizations in industries including high technology, health, hospitality, consulting, manufacturing, food and venture capital.

Dr. Surrenda's innovatively designed seminars have been presented on 3 continents and have inspired thousands of men and women towards a new experience of organizational and leadership effectiveness. His book on leadership development, Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time, (co-authored with Stuart Heller) is a unique roadmap for cultivating versatility of leadership action styles while continuing to manage the ongoing challenges of daily work.

As the co-CEO of a training and research corporation, Dr. Surrenda developed nationally recognized innovations in conflict resolution and crisis intervention utilizing train-the-trainer strategies and state-of-the-art learning methodologies. His work (with Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz) was acknowledged by the Justice Department as the standard for training in the area of crisis management. He has co-authored 3 books (with Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz) on conflict resolution as well as numerous professional articles.

Dr. Surrenda is an accomplished public speaker. As a conference leader, he has designed and directed 9 major professional conferences. These cutting edge conferences brought professionals into dialogue with the lay public about social and industrial changes.

Dr. Surrenda has served as the Executive Director of The Natural Step, an environmental organization that provides consultation to major industries about the efficient utilization of natural resources as well as a coherent strategy for long-term business development.

He also worked for 2 years as a Chairman for a Los Angeles based T. E. C. (The Executive Committee) group of CEO's whose purpose it is to provide training, support, and consultation to each other in the management of their respective companies.

As the founder, Dean and curriculum director for the Graduate School of Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy for nine years. He developed 9 separate graduate programs as well as spearheaded the development and management of both research and counseling centers. Dr. Surrenda supervised 31 faculty and 600 graduate students. He was appointed to teach within four separate university departments: Management, Psychology, Liberal Arts, and Holistic Studies. He has taught in ten colleges.